8 Random Fun Facts about New Zealand 

Traveling around, there were tons of small things that were just as amusing to me as the big stuff. Here’s a few of them. 

1. New Zealand is basically Pinterest. 

2. Almost everyone has the same response to different places that I claim to be from. They are as follows: 

  • Texas. “Ah! Texas ranger!” 
  • Austin. “Oh they have that big music festival! My friend in a band went once. South something or another?”
  • Kansas City. “Oh! Dorothy!!” (From the Wizard of Oz)
  • St. Louis (Barb is from here). “Never heard of it where’s that??” 

3. They have lots of amusing signs. Some are helpful. Some left us more perplexed. (The vegetarian toothpaste is from Fiji but it fit here) 

4. We ran into several fancier dressed Asian folks with crews that were taking their photos in front of picturesque spots. This is a thing. Never figured out why.  



5. Hobbiton is super touristy, expensive, and not at the top of this hill unfortunately. You cannot get a peak without fully sneaking in :-/


 6. Used CD shops hold some real gems. 


 7. Limes are bloody expensive. 

8. Last but not least a helpful one–you can get free rental cars if your schedule lines up with someplace that the rental car company needs a car transferred to. They pay your fuel and insurance too. Transfercar.co.nz is the website, or just ask at the desk and try your luck. We got a free one from Wellington to Auckland. 



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