Wine and Glaciers! 

The next week of New Zealand was full of adventure. We spent an impromptu night in Wanaka with new friends that Barb and Rob met on their Milford track and dabbled in some of the region’s speciality wine, Pinot noir. 

I was really anxious to see a glacier, despite the locals’ relatively mediocre attitude towards them. In my head I had these massive chunks of ice that could somehow sculpt mountains and kill dinosaurs. We did two hikes up to glaciers, one called Rob Roy and the other at Mt Cook (close to the lake with the crazy blue water). 

The road to Rob Roy was interesting in its own right. About 30 km from the head of the trail the road turned to gravel. Then dirt. Then we were literally driving through someone’s farm. Then another one. And again. For an hour.  

The hike was really pretty if a little steep in parts. When we got to the top we were rewarded with a good view of the glacier up on the mountaintop. 


Barb on the first bridge.
The sign assured us we were on the right track…
After our hike we headed back to civilization (Twizel, if anyone cares). The next day we set for Mt Cook and chose the valley trek (no hills!!). The glacier was even closer; the wind coming off the lake was pretty colllld. 


“Chance quit looking so cold.” -Barb
A less chilly view from the hike
After the hike, we headed back towards Christchurch (again) and stayed with a friend out in the burbs. 

We had one of the best meals to date-sadly no picture but here is the 4.5kg salmon that Barb caught at a tourist pond/farm. For the meal, we made little sashimi rolls then cooked them with a mini torch. Fancy pants. 


The owner was slightly perturbed that we caught such a big fish but we bought one of the worst bottles of Pinot noir (made on the farm) to make up for it.
Other final tidbits from the South Island: 

Baby seals. 10 minutes from the highway. Barb almost peed her pants.
Wine tours by bike in Marlborough; this was taken during a personal tour of Dogpoint Vineyards.


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