10 Steps to Kill 10 Hours in Bogota

I’d booked the cheapest flight from Bogota to Cusco, which meant that my plane departed at the ungodly hour of 4am and therefore I had a healthy layover of ~10 hours in Bogota after arriving from Cartagena that morning. I decided there was no way I was going to spend this all in the airport and actually ended up exploring enough to warrant a mini-picture blog post, so here goes. 

 Step 1: In the airport, order a plain iced latte. Get convinced that the frappuchinos are the same as lattes, and that sure, just a little sugar is okay. (I should mention I’m not a fan of sugary coffee drinks). Use the free internet to research the day.  

Step 2:  Take a cab to the city center and pay $1USD to check out these gems at the Museo del Oro (museum of gold). 

My favorites-they are in a meditating position. My good friend Eliza would tell you I’ve sat like this since I was 5.
Its a bird?
One of the few non-gold pieces in the gold museum.
Step 3: Walk around the plaza and admire the church, statue of Simon Bolivar, and people watch. 


What you can’t see is the little boy that spotted a rat under the steps of this statue and enthusiastically tried to convince his mother that there was one. She was less amused.
Small children chasing birds provide good entertainment.
Step 4: Go inside said church. Try to read the Stations of the Cross signs in Spanish and figure out if they really are the Stations of the Cross. Check out cool organ. 


Step 5: Wander up the street and observe some of Bogotas very cool graffiti murals. 

Step 6: (Not pictured) Go to a coffee shop and order an appetizer and a tea. Try to read more of the book you bought in Spanish. Set a record for how slowly you can drink a cup of tea (~1.5 hours).  

Step 7: Finally meet up with the friend that you met in Cartagena for dinner. Decide on a restaurant called “La Bruja” (the witch) that is located in the basement of a church nearby. Realize that it is Valentines Day, so you will be serenaded while surrounded by Colombia’s finest decorations. 

These two knew a wide variety of songs. Including Nirvana. Teen Spirit, anyone?
Everyone else’s table had specific decorations; there were three birthdays and we all sang for each of them. Our table just had paper hearts behind it and rose petals on the floor. We were clearly the only ones without a reservation.
The food was delicious.
Why the shamrock heart? The world may never know.

Step 8: Help this couple celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary by watching as they dance in the small open space between the tables. Try not to laugh or look silly, because their daughter is videotaping the entire dance and you are in the background…for the entire video. 


Step 9: Head back towards your friends hostel to get bar recommendations. Get lost trying to find the recommended bar. Duck into a random casino to check Google Maps. Have a tiny cup of free coffee and play some slots. Make your way back to the bar that was playing live music. Realize that Austin has made you very judgmental of live music but enjoy the drinks and atmosphere. 

These guys were on something…but live music is live music right?
Step 10: Head to the airport at 1am and say buenos dias to Cusco!

Hello Peru!


One thought on “10 Steps to Kill 10 Hours in Bogota

  1. Hi Marti, wow Brandon just told us that you were off on this wonderful adventure. Great pictures. Have fun and be safe. Aileen Cavazos


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