Hello (Real) World.

Guide Books
The guy at Half Priced Books told me the first step to any adventure is to buy a discounted book about it. I believe him.

As I’m sure you already know, I’ve decided to take a break from the real world to explore more of the real world :). To my pleasant surprise, thanks to some wonderful roommates it didn’t involve selling all of my possessions, my home, or even having to worry about the well being of my beloved Cocoa.

My itinerary so far includes New Zealand, Fiji, Kansas City/Austin (you’re welcome Mom), and then down to South America with plans for Brazil, Colombia and Peru so far.

I haven’t left yet…but here is a selection of things I’ve learned so far:

  • Don’t let the CVS on Berkman take your passport photo
  • Don’t fill out your passport renewal application in anything other than black ink 😦
  • People at the post office are pretty knowledgeable of passport renewals. And it costs $20 to overnight applications.
  • Visas to Brazil are a pain in the ass. But, you can probably get them while you are in New Zealand.
  • Most countries won’t let you in without a passport that is good for at least another 6 months.
  • Machu Picchu closes in February.


CVS captured how I really felt about renewing my passport.
CVS captured how I really felt about renewing my passport.

And, for those who are going to worry/keep asking me (again…Mom):

  • Nov 2nd- Nov 27th: New Zealand
  • Nov 28th- Dec 13th: Fiji
  • Dec 13th- Dec 26th: ATX
  • Dec 26th- Jan 9th: Brazil
  • Jan 9th- Jan 23rd: Colombia
  • Jan 23rd-??: Cusco, Machu Picchu, and beyond
  • March 13th: US of A. March Madness. Let the tradition continue… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Hello (Real) World.

  1. Marti you should go to India. I heard people who visit love it and the people who live there are super nice to travelers. Plus you may find your inner Budha.


  2. Marti,
    I am so excited to follow your journey!!!! I will live vicuriously through you! Let the travel bug biting begin! 😃


  3. We did this last year, such a good idea!! We did a lot of Europe, Australia and NZ, and Brazil. Wish we could have done Fiji too. Can’t wait to follow along on your adventures. (Also, getting a Brazil visa is annoying but you can do it in Wellington, we did exactly that. They want to know all about your travel plans and see your flights out of the country.) Have so much fun!


  4. Looks like an awesome itinerary across the globe!! Let the party begin!!

    Let me know if you run into Jimmy Hoffa’s body along your travels!!


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